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"My family and I love Dr. K. and look forward to our weekly appointments. She really cares about helping you attain optimum health."

- L.G.

"I'm independent of intestinal problems which used to occur periodically.  I'm independent of taking most medications that my other 50+ friends take."

- M.H.

"I am playing better golf and sleeping better."

- D.K.

"I am now independent from the skin breakout on my hand.  Thank you, KCC health team!"

- S.P.

"I am free from taking Protonix.  I have a significant reduction of OTC pain medications.  I have a renewed emphasis on wellness, and have made new friendships here!"

- F.K.

"I'm far more flexible in the morning when I get up.  My arms don't get in the way when I lie down to sleep. :) "

- M.L.B.

"I am so thankful for the freedom of movement.  I have more flexibility and my asthma symptoms are certainly nothing like they used to be.  Independence is a beautiful thing!"

- A.K.

"I'm independent from my imitrex and sleeping sooner!  My digestive system is working better too."

- M.H.

"I've been sleeping better."

- 8 year old patient I.B.

"I am free from nearly daily doses of advil.  My headaches are much fewer and farther between!  I'm also much more hydrated than before and listen to my body."

- A.P.

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